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ID: 2095

thematic studio milano wis 2019 in cooporation with DAStU

redesign regulation embodies an academic semester of active discussion and design experimentation on the topics of housing and affordable housing in milan, which took place within the design studio „architecture of interiors and adaptive reuse“ of the „school of architecture, built environment and interiors“ of politecnico di milano.

in the last years the theme of the housing has been at the centre of the socio-political and economic debate both in italy and in europe. a series of new challenges such as a growing population, scarce land availability, rising construction costs and the continuous rise in rents make it increasingly difficult to access housing, especially for young people and precarious workers, forcing them to bear high rent costs or to commute daily from the hinterland, thus “increasing [also] the phenomenon known as sprawl, with its very high social and environmental costs […]”